Foundation’s Edge

I’m back to reading Foundation Series books actually written by Isaac Asimov. This one is the fourth in the Foundation Series if you count them in the order they were written, but is the second last in chronological terms. Its set 500 years after the failure of the first galactic empire, and follows the first Foundation’s attempt to discover if the second Foundation still exists. Well, its a bit more complicated than that, but I don’t want to ruin it for you.

As an aside, the user interface described for the ship’s computer is really cool. Its a bit like augmented reality, mixed with gesture control, mixed with a direct interface into the brain. I’m not saying I want one in my house, but its cool that a book written in 1983 still has a user interface description which isn’t dated, and still seems plausible.

This book has minor inconsistencies with the story presented in the second foundation trilogy (Foundation’s Fear, Foundation and Chaos and Foundation’s Triumph), but I see that more as a failure in those followup authors than in this book. In fact, I’ve already complained about how untrue to Asimov’s vision some of those books are elsewhere.

This is a good read, and I enjoyed it greatly.

[isbn: 0586058397;0345308980]
[award: winner hugo 1983; nominee nebula 1982]