Dave and Busters

To celebrate a recent launch the team went out to an “adult arcade” called Dave and Busters today. An adult arcade is pretty much what it sounds like — imagine a huge collection of arcade games, pool tables, bar, and restaurant. I of course had the most American thing I could find, which was a double cheese burger. It was sufficiently huge that I didn’t really have dinner, just a light snack.

Dave and Busters was cool, and I recommend having a look if you ever see one of them. The food is generic, but of a reasonable quality and quite cheap compared to what you would pay in Australia. The games are expensive, but given I have basically never been to an arcade in Australia I don’t know if that is run for the course or not.

I had fun, and I suspect that James with his fifty fluid ounces of Guinness did too. Oh, thats 1.47867648 liters by the way.