Building a stack of images from thumbnails

I have a directory full of thumbnails of the rental tour I went on the other day while looking for a new apartment, and I want to put them online. Instead of putting each photo online, which I thought might be boring, I wanted to build a stack on images on a background.

I’m not really describing the effect well, so here’s the output so you know what I mean:

This was remarkably easy to create with a simple script that uses ImageMagick. Here’s the code:

    #!/bin/bash # Setup the random number stuff LOBOUND=1 HIBOUND=600 RANDMAX=32767 # Create a white image to start with convert -size $HIBOUND"x"$HIBOUND xc:lightgray output.png for img in img*jpg do echo "Processing $img" # Rotate the image if needed rotate="" if [ `exif $img | grep Orientation | grep bottom | wc -l | tr -d " "` -gt 0 ] then convert -rotate -90 $img img.png else convert $img img.png fi imgwidth=`identify -ping img.png | cut -f 3 -d " " | cut -f 1 -d "x"` imgheight=`identify -ping img.png | cut -f 3 -d " " | cut -f 2 -d "x"` # For more information on bounded numbers with bash, see # x=$(( $LOBOUND + (($HIBOUND - $imgwidth) * $RANDOM) / ($RANDMAX + 1) )) y=$(( $LOBOUND + (($HIBOUND - $imgheight) * $RANDOM) / ($RANDMAX + 1) )) # Put the image on top of the accumulative image mv output.png input.png convert -draw "image atop $x,$y $imgwidth,$imgheight img.png" input.png output.png rm img.png done

First the script creates an empty image to place the thumbnails over. Then for each image it checks if the image needs to be rotated, and what size it is. I use the size of the image to determine what the maximum value for the two random values I need are (the random values from the coordinates of the top left of the thumbnail image, and I don’t want any images falling off the edge of the new image). The the image is placed on top of the accumulating image.

It’s just a little ImageMagick hack I thought I would share.