Belgarath the Sorcerer

This book is a follow on from The Belgariad and The Malloreon written from the perspective of one of the protagonists in those two series — Belgarath the Sorcerer. This book has quite a different style from the others. It is written in the first person as Belgarath’s personal memoir. The book is really long at over 700 pages, and covers a 6,000 year (ish) period. That means that the book tends to skip around and over some things at a very high level. That’s probably a good thing, as it stops you from getting bogged down in boring detail you don’t care about.

One problem with this book is that to people who have read the previous series, this is all old territory. You totally know what is about to happen, and that makes it a lot less fun to read. I’m also not sure I’m a big fan of the first person style either. However, I did enjoy this book more than some of the others I have read recently, despite it not being Eddings’ best work.

[isbn: 0345403959]