Arrived yesterday

So, Andrew and I arrive in Santa Clara from Canberra yesterday. It took about 24 hours of travelling, and a lot of queueing to make that happen, but we’re here finally. I must admit I’m really liking things so far, I was a bit worried about the expense of rent until we went and saw am apartment complex this morning, and I’m not worried about that now.

The mall is nice (the local one that is), the temporary apartment is nice (photos soon), and the rental car is crap, but that’s ok.

On a musical note I only just recently discovered the Black Eyes Peas, so I picked up Elephunk this morning. Damn that’s a good album — it’s rare for me to find a disc that I like every track on, but this is one of them.

Anyways, here. Alive. In Santa Clara for now. Must wander off now…