iTunes 4.9 and podcast support


The workbench in my office at ANU

So, I downloaded iTunes 4.9 for Windows for my work machine and thought I’d do something nicer with pod casts that liferea does at the moment (I simply can’t get it to work in liferea). Anyways, it amuses me that two of the three podcasts I have started testing with have their websites down. It’s kinda like iTunes is a massive denial of service attack tool or something.

Adam Curry and Dawn and Drew are off line. What am I to do?

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I’m glad I’ve turned on comments here


I’m really glad I wrestled Blosxom into having working comments here, because there have been some real gems of comments recently. I apologise to those people I don’t individually reply to. Would people like to have an option of being sent an email for comments added to a post they have commented on?

One example of the quality of comments: Some comments on the history of DVD region coding

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Sydney next week


This picture has nothing
to do with this post

So, it looks like it’s Sydney’s turn to have me visit customers next week. This was worked out again, so I guess that means that we’ll be booking the travel sometime this week. I think that now makes it four trips lined up in the Qantas frequent flyer doodagilly thing. Hurrah for jet setting me, or something.

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My new toy


Andrew needed a nap before we could play with the camera

Much like Simon I purchased a new camera last week, although I have owned three over my career. I picked up the Canon EOS 350 Digital, and am totally in love with it. It’s just a great camera. It’s the first time that I’ve owned an SLR though, and it’s nice to have a digital camera for once which turns on instantly (0.2 seconds to be precise), takes photos when you press the button, and has a good rapid fire mode. I’ve taken 700 shots since I picked up the camera, and the battery meter still reckons it’s on full charge.

Andrew and I thought we should test out the new camera, so we had Catherine stalk Matthew with the cool telephoto lens (90 – 300 mm Canon ultrasonic to be precise). The photo turned out really well, although it’s a shame that you can see where Spike ate the couch in the background. You can’t tell we fixed it with duct tape can you?

Matthew with a halo.
There is a first and last time for everything.

Mummy’s flower

Then we thought we should try out the macro mode on the 18 – 55 mm Canon ultrasonic lens. We think that the flower came out all right too, don’t you think? This is the flower that Andrew bought Catherine the other day when she wasn’t feeling well.

I got distracted by playing with focus as well, and ended up taking more pictures of the flower than any normal person would have. For example, checkout the one on the left…

Nice bud

I’m glad this woman loves me
otherwise she might break my legs

Thankfully, Catherine didn’t mind doing some housework while we were testing the camera. She understands that they’re both important parts of having a well running family.

Andrew’s opinion of the camera was that it did quite well. I didn’t even have to prompt him to make that gesture.

The camera passes

So now we rest

It certainly was a lot of work testing the camera out, so then we had to have a little rest. It’s a hard life, but someone has to do it…

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The Snowy Hydro Southcare Rescue Helicopter 2005 fund raising dinner


The beach buddies hopefully
have fulfilling alternate careers

Saturday night was the second Snowy Hydro Southcare rescue Helicopter fund raising dinner that Catherine and I have been to. What normally happens is that one of our board members signs us up, and then the staff battle it out to work out who gets to go to the dinner. Last year there was an an Elvis impersonator, and this year it was people who though they looked, acted and sounded a little like the beach boys. I hate to be the one to tell them, but they we’re wrong.

Lindsay is considering hitting me
or the band. It is hard to tell.

Heck, Lindsay was pretty open with her opinion of their attempts at harmony, but they simply didn’t ask her opinion, which is probably good for their self esteem. To be fair though, I actually enjoyed the night and had a good time. They started well with Sushi, which is always a favourite of mine, even if Catherine hates it. The dinner itself was ok too, although I wasn’t too keen on the entree (appetiser for the Americans amongst you).

Max Walker discusses the size of
his wacking stick.

The master of ceremonies for the evening was Max Walker, who is a biggish guy in Australian sport. He showed a remarkable aptitude for hurling little round objects at men who have only flattened sticks to defend themselves with earlier in his career, as well as playing Australian Rules Football, hosting a sports show on commercial television, and writing enough best sellers to build a raft and float out of the dining hall on them. I know this, because he told us about it. A lot. Max gave a stirring introduction to the dinner, which would have gone quite well at the Sydney Olympics, which was what it was about. Most of the people in the room were left a little bemused as to it’s relevance to the rescue helicopter.

I should be fair though. Max is a big name, and did well at extracting money from drunk people. The helicopter is a good cause, and who can blame them for failing to get a better band in a city with only a population of only 300,000. I certainly hope the copter is around when I need it. Like I said, Catherine and I had a good time.

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This is a test

…of the picture tag I just wrote:
Like father like son

Isn’t that a nice shot?

Update: This post has been updated, as most browsers and aggregators seem to choke on the CSS I was using.

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Over-analysed Friday comments on Half Nekkid Thursday


So, Half Nekkid Thursday was introduced to me by Ian, who happens to be some sort of manager of me or something. It’s pretty hard to take a manager who spends more time looking like this:

Than the pointed haired boss. I really think the big innovation at work recently was the Balinese hot tub in the break out area. Don’t have one at Microsoft, Red Hat or Novell? How can you possibly hope to keep up with us?

Anyways, Ian pointed a this half nekkid post:

Now, it should be pointed out that this transformation is completely reversible. I know. I wrote the code to do it today.

I am however too polite to post the mostly naked lady to the Interweb.

Now, to roll into a different tangent for a second, I picked up my new camera on Wednesday, and the first thing I saw when I went to ANU to do some PhD stuff was my mate Steven. Naked. At his desk. And I had a camera in my hand. So, here’s the transformed version of totally naked Steven (except for shoes) with my new camera:

Code online soon. Maybe.

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Friday afternoon quiz question


So, here’s a quiz question for you… Think of a project that requires a high bandwidth connection (as in lots of traffic served) that would benefit the open source community in Australia, and pitch it on your blog. Convince me that there is any interest in having a way to host interesting large traffic projects without going bankrupt. Here’s some examples I can think of off the top of my head:

  • Australia currently lacks a Source Forge mirror
  • A Linux in Australia podcast anyone?
  • Serving video of LUG meetings
  • Serving a video archive of LCAs
  • Offering static content hosting to popular Australian sites — perhaps sites getting over 1,000,000 hits per month?
  • An Australian distro of some form (why do we need another distro though?)
  • … you get the idea

If you don’t have a blog and want to contribute, then comment on this post and I’ll publicise it for you (some moderation will occur). If you do have a blog and aren’t on Planet Linux Aus, then please link to this post so I can see what you’re suggesting.

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