The 2016 Call For Proposals is open!

The OpenStack community has been well represented at over the last few years, which I think is reflective of both the growing level of interest in OpenStack in the general Linux community, as well as the fact that OpenStack is one of the largest Python projects around these days. is one of the region’s biggest Open Source conferences, and has a solid reputation for deep technical content.

Its time to make it all happen again, with the 2016 Call For Proposals opening today! I’m especially keen to encourage talk proposals which are somehow more than introductions to various components of OpenStack. Its time to talk detail about how people’s networking deployments work, what container solutions we’re using, and how we’re deploying OpenStack in the real world to do seriously cool stuff.

The conference is in the first week of February in Geelong, Australia. I’d be happy to chat with anyone who has questions about the CFP process.

Updated: 2007 MythTV tutorial homework

I spent the afternoon updating the MythTV tutorial homework. I did all the homework on a VMWare virtual machine, and it took me about four hours to complete, given that compilation was slow for me in the virtual machine, but downloading was fast.

Next steps are adding ffmpeg setup to the homework, and putting the finished virtual machine online so that lazy people can just download the crazily large file.