Mostly Harmless

It turns out I was confused when I said that So Long and Thanks For All the Fish was the last Hitchhikers Guide book. There is one more, Mostly Harmless. This book wasn’t as good as the others to be honest, it felt disjointed and I ended up disappointed by the ending. Then again, it was still quite funny and I didn’t hate the book. It just wasn’t as brilliant as the others.

[isbn: 0330491229]

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Ok, so this is a classic. I hadn’t read it in years though, and it’s still awesome. Loved it. Things to note that I hadn’t thought of before — “SubEtha” is talked about a lot, that probably explains “SubEtha Edit” which is an editor I have used in the past; the term “Googleplex” is used in the book, its also the name of the campus I work on; I love the idea of depressed computers, I should see if I can whip one up.

[isbn: 9780330492041;0345391802;0345453743]