14 November 2003

Cooking salmon

Last night I cooked with fresh salmon for the first time. I did it on the barbeque. The basic method was:

  • Preheat the barbie on low
  • Lightly butter the side of the salmon you’re going to cook first
  • Chuck the salmon steaks onto the grill part of the barbie
  • Wait three minutes
  • Rotate 90 degrees
  • Wait two minutes
  • Lightly butter the side that is facing you
  • Flip
  • Wait two minutes
  • Eat

Here’s a sample of how mine turned out:

Syncing FAT filesystems of MMC cards via USB

Why does it take so long? A 64 MB change took in the order of minutes to respond to a sync command.

Siemens SL42 MP3 playlist format

Creating the playlists for the inbuilt MP3 player for my Siemens SL42 is painful at best when you try to use the phone keypad. Basically, there’s no way to say “randomly play everything” unless you use a playlist, and to create a playlist with the phone you need to select each song individually. Anyways, so I mounted the MMC on my trusty laptop, and it turns out the playlist format is trivial. Here’s what I did:

mount /mnt/mmc
cd /mnt/mmc/mp3
rm aaa.mpl
for item in `ls *.mp3`
  echo $item >> aaa.mpl
unix2dos aaa.mpl

In other words, all you need is a DOS line ending file which lists the MP3 files to play.

AUUG National Committee meeting

In Sydney…