Historical revisionism

I have spotted a worrying trend with one of the email lists I archive. So far I have fielded about ten requests to remove emails from the archive, with four of those being in the last couple of weeks. I wont name the offenders, but handling these requests takes a fair bit of time on my part. So, I ask for opinions. Should I be deleting emails from a public archive, given the mailing list is open to subscription from anyone? Does it matter that this is a third party archive, and I am not the list administrator? Should people think before they post?

Given the long memory of search engines, and the increasing probability of an employer Googling for you before hiring, I wonder if this sort of request is going to become so common that it endangers the public archival of things like mailing lists?

A penny for your thoughts…

First beta of the LCA 2005 CD ROM

The first beta version of the LCA 2005 CD ROM is hosted here at http://mirror.linux.org.au/linux.conf.au/2005/cdrom-beta-1/. Feedback is encouraged — please send it to mikal@stillhq.com.

This announcement is sitting at the front page of the Linux Australia Mirror Project server. I would appreciate any comments people have on the beta CD ROM, especially what extra content I can fill the left over 150 megabytes with. I’ve tried to fill the empty space with useful looking things, but my brain is rapidly emptying.