30 August 2002


I’m at a bit of a loss after my tutorial got canned… I am not sure what to work on any more, it has been such a focus for the last couple of months. I really should try to get projects off my “unstable” list:

[root@localhost opensource]# stable | grep unstable
cardinal is unstable
cep is unstable
clug is unstable
ctpfaq is unstable
cvs001 is unstable
dumppdf is unstable
geekcodegen is unstable
gmat is unstable
libplot is unstable
mkstemp is unstable
mysqlvi is unstable
netflow is unstable
palm-memopad is unstable
panda is unstable
pandalex is unstable
panda.old is unstable
pandascript is unstable
panda.tgz is unstable
pngtools is unstable
presskel is unstable
shdns is unstable
shmail is unstable
short-grid is unstable
short-ld is unstable
short-ssl is unstable
short-template is unstable
stillhq-cgi is unstable
template-library is unstable
tiffapi is unstable
trie is unstable
trivsql is unstable
utilities is unstable
[root@localhost opensource]#

But where to start?


29 August 2002


Things seem to be hotting up on the Panda front suddenly (after about three years!), lots of email to answer…

I thought you might like to see my desk at home:

A little mess is a good thing. From left to right you can see:

  • My laptop, an IBM Thinkpad X21 running Redhat
  • My extremely grotty fish tank
  • My Palm III
  • My email computer: a labtam color xterm with a 21 inch monitor (it points at a Sparc 10 running Redhat and XDM in the server room)
  • My work computer: a dual gigahertz PIII machine with a 19 inch monitor running Windows 2000 Server (my day job is writing windows code)

    That lady in the pictures on the wall is my wife, Catherine

  • 28 August 2002


    Here I am again… Still working on those slides for AUUG in my little spare time. I currently have a target of about 300 slides, and I have 89 done. The maths goes something like:

     Class time: 9AM to 5PM (8 hours elapsed)
     Lunch and breaks: 2 hours
     Total Mikal ranting time: 6 hours = 360 minutes
     Average time per slide: 1.5 minutes
     Number of slides needed: 240

    The problem is that I have never given a tutorial this long before, and have no feel for how many questions the content is going to generate… This makes it very hard to judge what I should produce. The manual for the talk is about 360 pages… So even if I bugger up the talk itself, at least the customers have something they can walk away with.

    Dr Dobbs is really bad at answering email. I think I am now writing an article for them…


    28 August 2002


    About half way through the slides. Going well on my LBG VQ implementation… I have the codebook generation going (only 500 lines or so of code in the end), and the encoding of the MFC files against the codebook (about 20 lines of code).

    Need to verify somehow that the answers are correct, and worry more about the matlab stuff…


    25 August 2002


    Cleaning up the study because it was giving me the shits, and I have a couple of people from work coming around to make sure that my telecommuting world is ergonomic… This mainly involved bringing the Roland keyboard into the room so I can muck around on it, and making the book shelves a little neater.

    I also threw out about three trees of stuff I don’t need any more.

    Andrew can now crawl. Backwards. About a meter.


    26 August 2002


    Hmmm. Visual Sourcesafe has wierd problems when you try to copy users from another VSS installation across.

    More work on getting slides ready for next week. I’ll make them available online when I have them.

    Some discussion on the ldp-discuss mailing list of scripts to convert text to docbook. I mentioned the script I have been using to write this tutorial…