Your first computer?

So, it turns out that Rory and Gordon want to talk about how cool they are for having crappy computers in their childhood. Well good on them…

shimmery dissolve in

"Jones! What's the furthest away on the map?"
"Um. This pointy thing. Says 'Australia' on it."
"Right. Do they have television or radio in Ostralia?"
"Er. I don't know. Google hasn't been invented yet sir, it's only 1984"
"Right. Let's dump them there, I hear they're a bit backwards.
Get the guys in marketing to replace the case with something black,
add some stuff from the Japanese thingy and get them out of here!"

dreamy dissolve out

It’s nice to hear stories of how the rich kids grew up… We didn’t get our first machine until 1992, when a family member had to die in order for us to afford it. Before that I’d used machines at school — Apple II’s specifically. I have fond memories of those simple days when all I had to worry about was what text should be in the thought bubble between Garfield and Odie in that silly drawing application. Perhaps what I need in my life is a Garfield drawing application, and to be paid to do that all day. People say you should do what you love after all.

Depressed? I’ll tell you about depressed. Brain the size of a planet, and no Garfield drawing applicationy doo dad.

Anyways, I guess that’s why I have so many machines now. I’m compensating for extreme deprivation in childhood or something. I’m off to stroke my laptop now…

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