Why does a Free Software…

…culture mean that people feel they have the right to do moronic things like try to fly half full coke cans tied to helium balloons through lecture theatres clearly marked as not allowing food and drink? Why is it that a couple of people acting like three year olds can put such a downer on all the hard work that a bunch of people have put in? Why is it that these people characterise a reasonable request as coming from “the anally retentive geeks” who “like to populate positions of pseudo-power, like being conference organisers”? Are you a moron, or do you not understand how much work goes into a conference?

Oh, and while I’m on the topic, which is it that people feel they shouldn’t put their rubbish in the bin… The organisers are trying to run a conference. Do they really have the time to clean up after people as well?

Rant over, and I’m off to bed. Last day of the conference tomorrow.

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