What the heck are you talking about?

I just got this email… I thought I’d post the reply here as well, so that other people will know what I am muttering about too:


Hey! I’m a sir!

What are you talking about.

Well, I know that this is really an introduction to your other questions, but it’s worth commenting on itself too. This site is a blog. A blog is a fancy schmancy web diary. It’s my various thoughts for a given day, written down and on the web and published for all to see. I started doing this a long time ago as a form of lab notes, so I could remember how I did stuff previously when I need it again. It’s a bit more general than that now, but that’s still the underlying concept.

What is scobleizer

Robert Scoble, also known as the Scobelizer, is a Microsoft technology evangelist. He also happens to be a fairly famous blogger, and occasionally says things that I feel the need to respond to. You can find more about him on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Scoble.

What is engadget

Engadget.com is a a technology news website.

What is aggregate

In a geological sense aggregation is the process of taking small rocks and forming them into a bigger rock. This often happens because of temperature, pressure, or super glue. Aggregation in a blogging webby sense is the process of taking content from lots of sites and joining it together. Lots of people run applications called aggregators which display only updates to web sites. It’s much more convenient than checking hundreds of sites for updates yourself each day.

Are these made up words? Who are you talking to and what is all this about.

So, no, they’re not made up words, but they are industry specific. Who am I talking to? My thousands of adoring fans of course. 🙂 All of this is about communication, transparency, and being able to find information when you need it later.

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