Welcome to the exciting world of bathroom renovation

Catherine and I have two kids Andrew and Matthew, who are both thinking seriously about toilet training. So, it’s time to think about turning our very large single bathroom into two slightly smaller ones, so that we can deal with the impending throughput problems in the bathroom.

So far Catherine has taken this on as her personal project, which is fine by me. We’ve got quotes from about four companies now, which range from $5,000 to about $17,000. I’m thinking that if we ignore the $5,000 quote, which is obviously wrong, then the average price is about $15,000. For that we should get a fully approved and permitted bathroom renovation resulting in having two bathrooms, each with a bath with a shower head over it, and a toilet. The en-suite version would also have a spa thingie in the bath.

So, now we need to decide if we should spend the money or not. I’ll let you know when we make a decision.