Still working on the NT Service from hell… I have tried making the target machine for the installer have the latest service packs before I run the installer. This is a last ditch attempt before I rebuild the installer from scratch.

It works! The answer to all my woes was to have the target machine upgraded to service pack 6a before running the installer. All I can say it that the solution is intensely crap — but at least I will never need to worry about it again (I hope).

In my private time I have been working on a couple of projects over the last few days. These are:

  • A review of the Autobook (GNU Autoconf, Automake and Libtool) which I will post on this website and hopefully slashdot real soon now
  • PandaScript 0.3 Stable. Before this goes out I want to check for memory leaks with dmalloc
  • Further development on PandaLex, which is a dependancy for Panda 0.4

    I’ll let you know when a release of anything is ready…