Wednesday 31 January

I have to write a job application for my own job soon. I have been procrastinating and haven’t got much done yet, I guess I will have to spend more time on it in the next couple of days, because it is due at the end of the week.

Had some spare time after work because my brain had melted. I went home and watched the Goodies for a couple of hours, at which time my brain had a least started to work a little. Then went surfing (I think Freshmeat II has real potential — give it some time), checked my email, and did some coding on PandaLex for a change.

PandaLex now works! This is a good thing because now I will be able to get Panda opening and modifying existing PDF documents, as well as having a great reverse engineering tool…

I’ll let you know when it is all ready for release.