Wednesday 30 May 2001

I hate my stomache. I think that I might have acid problems, although some people think that it is sympathy pains for Catherine (who is pregnant). I am going to cut down on the amount of coffee I consume in the afternoons, and I am giving Mylanta a try to see if it helps.

The next few weeks look like this:

  • Monday 4 June: Study for exams, resign my job
  • Thursday 7 June: CE3 exam
  • Monday 11 June: Study for exams, AOSS abstract due
  • Wednesday 13 June: Maths and DST exams
  • Friday 15 June: AUUG 2001 abstract due
  • Saturday 16 June: AOSS presentation (probably)
  • Monday 18 June: START WITH TELSTRA?

    Too busy for words.