Washington DC

So, I’m now in Washington DC and missing the boys and Catherine. No pictures yet, because I’ve either been flying, or at the office in DC. Yesterday (my personal timezone) looked something like:

  • Get up a 4:30 am
  • Flight to Sydney at 6:50
  • Flight to LA at 12:50 (it was a 12 hour 50 minute flight too)
  • Four hour layover
  • Five hour flight to DC
  • Trip in a wierd moving room
  • Back to my brothers house
  • Sleep (I’d been up and going for about 35 hours)

Today I went into the office and had a chat to our developer relations guy over here, as well as a couple of partners working on NMCI. I took the orange line of the DC metro — I must say I was impressed. It was clean, fast, and not at all scary. The weather is nice here, but very humid. I’m not too badly jet lagged, probably because I didn’t get much sleep on the plane, so I slept pretty well this morning. I got only 6 hours sleep, but I am used to that because of the boys.