Tuesday (Boxing Day)

I have discovered the most boring thing in the world. I am in the process of documenting PandaScript ready for release into the big bad Internet. This so far has involved installing docbook-to-man, and then trying to work out how to write a SGML document to actually run through docbook-to-man. I have that worked out now, so it is just a case of writing the documentation…

I can understand why programs don’t tend to be well documented, because it is hellishly boring to do.

*** time passed ***

I have nearly finished the documentation for PandaScript. This means it will probably be ready for an initial release (at version 0.3!) in the next few days. After this I will aim for PandaLex 0.1 Release coming out sometime in the week after that. This will allow me to have another Panda release out by the end of the month (January that it). I am hoping for it to be a little sooner than that though.