Touring with Peter and Jasmine (17 July 2004)

So, given this was the first weekend day of my stay in DC, it was my big chance to do some touring with Peter and Jasmine, who had been at work all week. We made it out to the Smithsonian Air and Space hangar at Dulles. The people in the US office were right, whilst it was wonderful, I think the one on National Mall was better, and because all the exhibits are so big it doesn’t take long to see them all. They were also still building stuff, so it’s the sort of thing that I am going to need to visit again.

I don’t regret going though. As a kid I really wanted to be an astronaut, until I worked out that I wasn’t American. Seeing a shuttle was very cool.

After that we went out to a waterfall whose name I have forgotten. It was on the Pontomac river though, and some of the houses near the national park were amazing.

Went out to see the Capitol Steps after that in the evening, which was a little expensive by Australian standards, but well worth it. What we need to develop in Australia is some tradition of political satire as an art form.