Thursday 7 February

Had an ex-girlfriend ring up and tell me that a good friend (who I hadn’t seen in a year) has killed herself whilst in Ireland… This raised a few issues for me because we hadn’t been very good at keeping in touch for the last few years. This was partially because she moved away from Canberra (where I live), but also because we both were a bit slack about it.

At first I felt a lot of guilt about not having talked to her more, but now I think I have come to the conclusion that it takes two to tango — a cliche I know, but I think it works here.

I had to call a whole bunch of people to let the know about the whole thing, which was possibly the least fun task I have ever had to undertake. John, her ex-husband said some things that made me feel a little better though. John and most of the people I called also fall into this “haven’t talked recently” bucket… So at least the scooby gang is getting back closer together.