Thursday 31 May 2001

“Like a Sturgeon, touched for the very first time.

Like a Sturgeon…”

Sorry it had to be done. Anyway life in the office is pretty boring. The compile environment on the main oracle development machine is cactus, so it isn’t like I can do any work.

Current status of todo list for next two weeks:

  • Friday 1 June: Maths assignment due
  • Monday 4 June: Study for exams, resign my job
  • Thursday 7 June: CE3 exam
  • Monday 11 June: Study for exams, AOSS abstract due
  • Wednesday 13 June: Maths and DST exams
  • Friday 15 June: AUUG 2001 abstract due, ADDS II finished
  • Saturday 16 June: AOSS presentation (probably)