The things I aim to finish this week

COMP3310 marking continues — I’m most of the way through looking at people’s part one implementations. I’ll then move onto looking at everyone’s part two implementation. Thankfully most people didn’t do part three, which will make that a lot easier to mark. I still haven’t come up with a list of criteria that I will be marking for with parts two or three. I’ll let you know when I have one.

OLS 2004 are currently working out the schedule for the conference and it’s looking pretty sweet. It looks like my tutorial on userspace filesystems using FUSE will take about two hours of talking, which is less time that I asked for. That’s probably a good thing, because I was starting to get worried that people might get bored with the tutorial if I waffled on for three hours. It also means that there is less content for me to write :).

They are insane though. The programme starts at ten in the morning, and runs through until nine at night. That’s 11 hours with only two hours of breaks in the day. Wow. It is consistent with last year though…