The Snowy Hydro Southcare Rescue Helicopter 2005 fund raising dinner

The beach buddies hopefully
have fulfilling alternate careers

Saturday night was the second Snowy Hydro Southcare rescue Helicopter fund raising dinner that Catherine and I have been to. What normally happens is that one of our board members signs us up, and then the staff battle it out to work out who gets to go to the dinner. Last year there was an an Elvis impersonator, and this year it was people who though they looked, acted and sounded a little like the beach boys. I hate to be the one to tell them, but they we’re wrong.

Lindsay is considering hitting me
or the band. It is hard to tell.

Heck, Lindsay was pretty open with her opinion of their attempts at harmony, but they simply didn’t ask her opinion, which is probably good for their self esteem. To be fair though, I actually enjoyed the night and had a good time. They started well with Sushi, which is always a favourite of mine, even if Catherine hates it. The dinner itself was ok too, although I wasn’t too keen on the entree (appetiser for the Americans amongst you).

Max Walker discusses the size of
his wacking stick.

The master of ceremonies for the evening was Max Walker, who is a biggish guy in Australian sport. He showed a remarkable aptitude for hurling little round objects at men who have only flattened sticks to defend themselves with earlier in his career, as well as playing Australian Rules Football, hosting a sports show on commercial television, and writing enough best sellers to build a raft and float out of the dining hall on them. I know this, because he told us about it. A lot. Max gave a stirring introduction to the dinner, which would have gone quite well at the Sydney Olympics, which was what it was about. Most of the people in the room were left a little bemused as to it’s relevance to the rescue helicopter.

I should be fair though. Max is a big name, and did well at extracting money from drunk people. The helicopter is a good cause, and who can blame them for failing to get a better band in a city with only a population of only 300,000. I certainly hope the copter is around when I need it. Like I said, Catherine and I had a good time.

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