The excitement of Apple service

I bought an Apple 12 inch iBook G4 from the ANUtech Apple Center less than two weeks ago. Last night the machine locked up, so I rebooted it with the power button. After booting, the machine would crash after about a minute with what looks a lot like a kernel panic, saying something about bad RAM. I wondered if I had done something to cause it, but it would consistently happen when I booted the machine and left it at the login screen, without me touching anything.

I gave up and went to bed.

This morning, I was hoping the machine was magically fixed, so I tried to turn it on. It didn’t boot. So I tried again, and this time it booted, but with a mouse that didn’t work. So I tried booting again. It didn’t work at all.

I rang the Apple Center, thinking that a two week old machine is simply a case of swapping the machine over or something. The guy basically told me to go away and call Apple. Something like “Oh, well we can’t do anything for you — ring Apple”. This is very disappointing to me, I would expect a lot better from a retailer. Anyways, so I rang Apple.

15 minutes on hold. Some simple questions. The machine still doesn’t boot. Booting with Apple-Option-r-p doesn’t help. Now apparently I need to boot with the OS X CD I left home. So I get to call back later after being on hold for ages.

Two week old machine doesn’t make me happy.