iTunes replacement progress

I got dug into the iTunes replacement again today. It now has uPnP support, which means that the MP101 I’ve never got to work before finally is a useful device. It only took three years of it gathering dust. I haven’t tested the uPnP support on any other devices yet, so no guarantees there. I will note that my MP101 doesn’t work with MythTV though…

I’m quite happy with my progress… I thought this would be a much harder project. Next stop: iPod syncing.

Netgear MP101, uPnP, gmediaserver and me

I picked up a Netgear MP101 a while ago cheap from a guy at work. I haven’t got around to making it work until just now, and it was pretty easy to get MP3 streaming happening. The steps are:

Install gmediaserver. Start it. I used something like:

    gmediaserver --friendly-name="" -vvvv --profile=mp101 /data/mp3/symlinks/

I used the extreme verbosity because it takes quite a while for gmediaserver to start up with many MP3s, and I had originally thought that it had crashed.

So, now I can play albums and so forth — next steps are to get a streaming radio station happening (based off music preferences from people present or something?) and perhaps streaming audio from MythTV. Does anyone else have experience with this sort of thing that they would like to share before I reinvent the wheel?