The worst user interface I have seen in a long time

Yesterday my wife told me about a user interface she actually experienced, and was surprised by the violence of my reaction. It’s simply the worst user interface I can think of for a scenario in question, and it comes from a major corporation with presumably UI experts and testers, and all of that fancy stuff.

So, what she was trying to do was transfer some money from the US to Australia. The user interface was a little bit like this:

So, you’re told how many US dollars you have in the account, and then asked how many Australian dollars you want to transfer. There is no select an amount in US dollars. Oh, and if you guess wrong and have to do another transfer, that will of course cost you another set of ten dollar fees.

In summary, this user interface:

  • Expects you to know what exchange rate Citibank is going to apply
  • How much the fees are
  • Perform the exchange rate maths in your head
  • Then enter a number