Dell e310 upgrade

I’m starting to get annoyed with the reliability of the USB chip sets in my external disks (of which I have six), so I am considering upgrading to a home theatre style case for my Dell e310 so I can have room to move the disks to inside the case. There are of course warts — the Dimension e310 appears to have a BTX mother board (


). Additionally, no one seems to make a BTX home theatre PC case, which sucks.

So, I might end up having to replace the entire machine, which isn’t so cool. I’m gonna put all of this on hold until I can apply more thought to it.

The tempest, but 11 year old kids

On Saturday night I went to the Tempest, as performed by a group of school kids. I went because Kate, Catherine and my god daughter was performing as one of the evil lords (a role I feel suited her well). Anyways, I knew nothing about the play before I went along and in fact joked that I thought it was about short term office workers. The play was excellent, especially considering that the kids involved only had a week to learn their lines. Some of them had an awful lot of monologs to perform, and got away with only minimal prompting.

It kinda made me want to see a professional performance, or at least read the book.