New laptop

The dead ThinkPad R51 has been replaced by a new ThinkPad X41, which accidentally turned out to be a tablet PC without me really intending it to be. It’s a nice looking machine, and the perfect combination of size and weight (small and light). I think we’re going to be very good friends.

Ubuntu Breezy installed just fine on the machine, although I haven’t bothered to get everything working yet. I’ll report back if I have any interesting problems getting stuff going.

TECRA M4 P-M 770 and Ubuntu live CDs

My work machine at the moment is a Toshiba Tecra M4 tablet, and I figured I’d give a Ubuntu live CD a go over the week and play with setting up this disc array. I only have a Ubuntu live CD for version 5.04 lying around, so that’s what I used.

The machine booted fine, once I’d disconnected the USB external keyboard, which stopped the hardware detection from working for some reason. Dunno why. In fact plugging the USB keyboard in at any time killed the X server so that the mouse and keyboard never worked again. Odd.

A little story from my sickness

So, now that I am starting to feel a little better, let me tell you of the journey of discovery that was my illness. I didn’t know until about two days ago that you can have allergic reactions to anti-histamines (which are apparently the only difference between day time cold and flu tablets and the night time ones). I found out that you can by having such a reaction…

The first night, I went to bed and spent the first two hours after having the tablets tossing a turning in a hallucinogenic night mare. The topic of the nightmare? ISO standardisation of PDF/A, which is the topic of the standardisation riff I have been on recently (and will continue when better). I certainly care about PDF, but I’m not sure that hallucinogenic nightmares are the right way to deal with the problem.

The same thing happened the next night, except it was a two hour extravaganza of sweat over how to best run analytics on the 4.2 million lines of Apache web server logs that this domain have created on Andrew’s machine since the last box upgrade. More on that later too.

Anyways, I’ve returned to sanity now that I’m not taking the night tablets any more and just using day tablets in their place. I think I will be careful around those blue pills from now on. More red pills for me!