Email subscription to comments

Hey all. Yesterday I finally got around to implementing email subscriptions to comments on posts in my custom comment module code for Blosxom. I run a custom comment module because of the static generation mode I use for the site, which helps reduce load on Andrew‘s server.

Email subscription to comments on a post that you have commented on is the default, but it is easy for the user to turn it off. If you post and opt for email, you’ll also get an email when your own post survives moderation, which might be useful for some people.

It will be interesting to see if willingness to be emailed a comment is an effective spam signal or not — so far with a sample of six spam comments, it seems to be evenly split between the two options, which is interesting because it means some spam bots are smart enough to turn the check box off. Or are they using a POST without using my form at all?

(That makes me wonder if moving the URL for the submission CGI might reduce spam…)

If there is any interest in a public release of my uber crap perl code let me know, and I might try and find the time to clean it up.