Robert Scoble just seems to use his blog for complaining these days. First about how people said his stupid ideas are stupid, and then about how no one seems to love him any more. The videos are also insanely annoying — they’re all sales pitches for things which are of no interest to me. Unsubscribed.

I think this might be the start of an inane blog cull.

ScobleShow only available as MP4?

I’ve been playing with a new video aggregator (more details later!), and wanted some content, so I headed over to I’m disappointed to see that the videos only appear to be available as MP4s, and that the feed doesn’t use anything but enclosures — I was hoping for something nicer like Media RSS which would let him have content in lots of other formats.

It just seems silly to me that if I watch a video on a laptop or a television, that it has to be encoded for an iPod… Especially if he’s using a nice high resolution camera, and then throwing all those extra pixels out…