Roomba Battery Repack 1

I bought two different versions of the Roomba battery repack kits from ebay and the first one arrived today. This is the nicer of the two versions, because it includes pre-soldered tabs on the battery wires. It cost me an extra dollar, and was about $26 including shipping. To be honest, if I’d found this one first I probably wouldn’t have bought the one without the tabs.

Here is the contents of the kit:

Note that there are no instructions in the kit.

The first step is to open up the battery case. The screws are pretty obvious, although the triangular screw driver than the kit ships with sure made this easier. Then you need to crack open the case, which for some reason is glued shut. That took a bit of patience, a jewelers screw driver, and in the end a hammer. I started out not wanting to bash the case too much, but it was glued pretty solidly. In the end it opened up just fine though:

Now you just need to put the new pack in, making sure to get the tabs in the right places. Screw the lid shut, and go for it. My roomba is charging at the moment, and I’ll let you know how it goes once that’s done.

(You might recall this means that I now have two fully functional roombas. I’m thinking of building the serial control cable, hooking up arduinos, and having some sort of swarming vacuum system. Its a pity I don’t know anything about swarming algorithms…)

New Roomba batteries

For some reason I am the Roomba battery kiss of death. I’ve been through two batteries in about three years. Last time I just bought a new Roomba on special instead of replacing the battery. Its hard to justify three Roombas in the house though, so this time I’m trying something different — I’ve bought replacement cells for the batteries from ebay, and will install them in the yellow shell myself. This sounds like its pretty easy to do, and there are several supplies who sell these cells.

I’ll let you know how I go.