PandaScript 0.3 RC1 Released

Well, I finally have something to show for my efforts. This version is by no means perfect, but I believe that it is better than nothing… This version will allow you to create documents with textboxes, imageboxes and imageboxes which are rotated. It supports TIFF and JPEG images that are supported by Panda.

Why don’t you download it and have a look? The man page is also online, to make it easier for you to see what is available…

If no major problems are found in the next week, then this version will be released as a stable version.

You what?

Today I wrote a shell script to generate a PDF using Panda, and it occured to me that it was bloddy hard. To make a PDF I had to have the script:

  • Generate C code with echo statements
  • Compile the C code
  • Execute the C code

    It made me think, and PandaScript was born. Panda script is a simple engine that reads commands from standard input and uses them to build a PDF document. This makes it much easier to generate a PDF document because you don’t have to go through that compilation step that I ad to do today.

    I will endevour to add functionality to PandaScript as it is added to Panda itself.