Apple update

Sorry Apple that it took a while to write this, I’m fighting an addiction at the moment, and am a little busy. Apple declared the iBook dead on arrival on Wednesday, and I picked up a new machine that day. They promised to have the old disc in a caddy by the end of Thursday so I could get my data back, which I am still waiting to happen as I write this. I of course had to build a new machine.

So, what went so wrong here? Well, the initial contact was terrible “ring Apple”. Then two calls to Apple with about 20 minutes on hold. Then being sent to a service center which didn’t exist. Having to sign a form telling me that they would destroy my machine at will, and being told it would take two weeks for the machine to get assessed. Lack of knowledge on the part of the staff — they never asked me to boot the machine, and demo the fact that it clearly didn’t work.

If they’d said that it would probably be DOA’ed, and I could have a new machine within three days, all would have been well.

Why did I get this outcome in the end? Perhaps it’s part of the standard deal. Perhaps it’s because I’m lucky enough to have a developer relations contact at Apple who I could send a very grumpy email to. Perhaps it’s this site and the traffic it gets. Dunno. I would certainly still say avoid ANUtech and Mac1 like the plague, which effectively means don’t buy an Apple in Canberra.

And why is it so hard to put the old disc in a caddy? Lord only knows…