Eat my dust, Groklaw!

So, it turns out I’m in the Feedster top 500 again. This time I’m at 120th instead of my previous 201st, which is nice. I even beat Groklaw this time, which is of course my goal. Next on the hit list? Die Zawodny Die!

I should point out that Jeremy should only die in the “eat my blog dust baby” sense, and that I am willing to put aside all of my competitive spirit for a lunch at Yahoo… Oh, an I have Jeremy’s book on MySQL on my desk, I really should read it.

Feedster has lost interest in it’s top 500 already?

Each month, Feedster brings you a list of 500 of the most interesting and important blogs. Enjoy browsing to see what people are reading, to find feeds that will bring topics of interest to you on a regular basis, and to discover new voices in the Blogosphere.

If Feedster is updating the top 500 monthly, why is it still displaying the August results halfway through the month of September? Don’t they care about the whole thing any more? If so, it only took them a month to get bored with it…