So, that was me tempting fate apparently

So, apparently I tempted fate, just as the CVS commit of the work on the final chapter of the book finished, and I got around to writing the blog post about the machine, it locked up again. What happens is that the screen goes blank (except for some random red and blue dashes this time), and the power and disc lights stay on. The machine doesn’t respond to any input.

I’m wondering if it’s temperature related, as the machine worked ok until I went out into the sun to do some work. The machine is out of warranty, and having played around with the memory, and knowing that the disc isn’t the problem that really leaves the logic board, which probably means it’s not worth repairing.

I’ve got an older ThinkPad without a working battery that I can use for now, but I guess it’s time to start thinking about a new machine. I really want to get the book out of the way before getting distracted on that kind of stuff though.