Early Father’s day

The kids aren’t going to be in the same country as me for US father’s day (I get two this year!), so they gave me my present early. I now have a complete set of UK police riot armor — the helmet, shield, and leg protectors. This has already come in handy whilst parenting hyperactive children. I wonder if its legal for me to own such things in Australia?

Digging a bit further, it appears:

  • Possessing soft body armor (for example ballistic Kevlar) is illegal in the ACT except for those employed by licensed security organizations — PROHIBITED WEAPONS REGULATION 1997, section 12.
  • In fact, the Commonwealth customs regulations mostly seem concerned with the possession or import of armor intended to stop bullets — CUSTOMS (PROHIBITED IMPORTS) AMENDMENT REGULATIONS 2005 (NO. 4) (SLI NO 249 OF 2005)

    I can’t see any mention of riot armor (which wouldn’t stop a bullet) though, nor a reference to militaria, apart from militaria fairs needing a permit. I wonder if anyone else has thoughts on this?