Twinkie laptop

A while ago an office mate and I were playing hide the twinkie in the office. I think it all started when yet another office mate brought some twinkies into the office, and I stole one for Flemming. He didn’t want it, but was too polite to say no, so he hid it in my bike shoes when I was out of the office. Then, I “hid” it under his mouse. So he put it into the bracket that holds my desk phone up. So I taped it to the back of his monitors. You get the idea.

I went away for a month recently (to Australia and all…), and he obviously missed me, because when I came back my desk was covered with twinkies. I needed to move some so I could type on my laptop, but where to put them?

In the end I put them on my laptop lid, and off I went to a meeting. These are the pictures another sysop took at that meeting…