Sunday 17 June 2001

Woke up this morning with a most amazing headache, which is normally the result of having just finished a stressful period of life… My brain somehow feels that the best way to celebrate this is to cause my cranium to contract and force gray matter out my ears.

Had some asprin, some caffiene and a hot shower, but my head still hurts enough for me to not be willing to go and stand in a loud church.

I’m therefore staying at home. I’ve watched a bit of quiet TV, worked a little on the comp.text.pdf FAQ (I have been working on a perl script to maintain it all for me because I couldn’t find any code out there that did what I was after). I am also thinking about having a bit of a play with Panda as well.

I have been building a machine for my local church, and I have so far had three hard disks fail of the four I was donated. I am starting to think that I should just front up the couple of hundred dollars and buy a hard disk I know is going to last for more than 30 minutes.