Steven will be so proud of me

As I have mentioned here before, I never learnt to ride a bike as a child
in fact, when I got my first bike for Christmas three years ago, I immediately fell off and hurt myself (I was fine until I hit some loose gravel on the road and slide sideways, luckily it was within a couple of hundred meters of home and I could limp there relatively easily. Since then I haven’t ridden the bike at all except for a few minutes in the back yard because I’ve been too busy with Andrew and Matthew to find the time.

Dad, my little sister Jasmine and I changed that on the weekend and when for some riding practise. Initially I started out on a school oval, but because of the general lack of rain here until recently it was pretty bumpy and hard to steer. I was surprised with how much easier the asphalt basketball court was. I even ended up going up and down some concrete ramps and in between benches and stuff — all without falling off. I only rode for about 30 minutes, but after that I was wasted, which probably means I am a lot less fit than I thought. My abs still hurt last night, which was two days later, so I must have used them somewhere in the process.

It was surprisingly fun. I’m thinking I might have to make some time next Saturday to give it another go, assuming it’s not raining. I reckon that I need to have a fair bit of practise before I give going on the road a go, as I don’t really want to die.

Now Jasmine, Dad and Catherine all want bikes, as is the way with these things. Does anyone know a good bike store in Canberra? Mine came form whatever the bike store at Kambah shops is called. Also, are there traded in bikes generally available? Are they any good?

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