So, now I know what it is…

I’ve been short of breath for about four or five days now. It feels like I’ve just run around the block a few too many times — I feel winded and my sternum hurts. Breathing in hurts too. Anyways, there have been a couple of theories expressed as to what is happening. I thought perhaps I was just old and my body had packed it in finally. Lindsay suggested it might be a reaction to all the stress that Gordon imposes on me. Someone suggested it was just the world’s slowest heart attack.

All wrong. I finally went to the doctor, and I’ve been having an asthma attack for the last week. I didn’t consider myself an asthmatic, and purloined ventolin from the kids hadn’t helped, which is why I had ignored this possibility. In the blowy outy into the thingie test I scored 350… I’m normally more like a 650 to 700 kind of guy.

I’m on bronchitis drugs now, and hopefully ventolin will start working too.

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