Sleep at last!

We were pathetic last night and went to bed at about 8:30 pm… It was nice, because I feel human again today. We think we have an explaination of why Matthew was so upset the other night… We found blood in his right ear this morning, which implies that he might have been lucky enough to burst an ear drum (for some value of lucky). That would certainly make me scream. Matthew is off to the doctor this morning to see if that’s what happened.

Listening to Mr Jones and Rain King on the drive into work. I really like that album…

I was reading Don Box’s blog when I found this this morning. Not only is the article an interesting read from the graphics perspective (remembering that I wrote a lot of graphics code before moving to my current job), it’s also a rare glimpse of Microsoft humour. Well, I say it’s rare. I’m sure that they’ve overcome being business people enough to actually have a sense of humour, just not in public.

Oh, and I’m still the high bidder for the BSD beard. I think I’ll have it framed.