Siemens SL42

I picked up my Siemens SL42 in September 2002 (ish). At the time it was attractive because of the MMC slot which meant that the built in MP3 player could have some space to store music. The screen was never very special, but apart from that it was a nice phone. I have a policy of not buying Nokia or Ericcson any more, as I have always found them unreliable, and the manufacturers appear to have no pride in their products. Take the Nokia 8210 for instance — mine went through three screens, and everyone I know with one had similar experiences, but there was never a product recall.

The SL42 finally gave up the ghost earlier this year, so I just bought a new phone, which I’ll discuss in a later entry once I’ve charged the battery and had an initial play.

I also need to learn how to extract the phone book data of my MMC card without being able to power up the phone any more.