Shopping in Seattle

Well, we’re in Seattle and it’s no surprise that it’s raining. Everything is so green over here compared with Canberra, which has been dought declared for something like two or three years now (we’re about to enter summer again, and we’re already living under water restrictions on things like watering plants and washing cars. There’s just so much water here…

Frank and I went out shopping. I failed to find a blue tooth keyboard, but I did pick up a cool charger for my mobile (more on that in the toys page in a little bit), a USB game pad which I want to play with (it was only $20), a cheap USB finger print reader, a calling card for international calls which doesn’t work (the radio shack guy forgot to activate it), and a heap of food shopping for breakfasts. Frank has also agreed to take the squeezy tube margarine challenge (to eat some and not die), if I will take the huge can of beer challenge. More on those once we’ve done some more scientific research.

Given that we’re on the edge of the Microsoft campus, I was expecting more corporate logos to be floating about. I have only seen a couple of building labels, and one t-shirt. I’ve actually seen more Linux shirts in the US so far than Microsoft ones, which was unexpected. Then again, it was a very scientific survey of LA airport, Seattle airport, the inside of a cab and wandering around a local mall.

Hey, given that I might be excommunicated from my local Linux users group for coming here, I was expecting to see more horns and cranial implants. Heh, only kidding. I guess I’ll find out who from Microsoft reads this from that comment.