Self-referential back slapping

In the vein of the self-referential, and self-congratulatory tone that some bloggers seem to feel is the mark of status for us online diarizers, I apologize to Steven for misinterpreting the gist of his post. By the way, is anyone else rubbed the wrong way by the implication that having an online diary will somehow solve world hunger?

Sure, it’s nice to know what people are doing. Sure, it’s kinda cool. However, a lot of people seem to spend a lot of time just discussing the discussion with each other. Lots of people have had online diaries going back a long way after all, well before blogging was an interesting term. This diary has posts going back to 2000 after all.

The most useful thing I’ve found with blogging? It creates a huge database on Google available content (it’s the technical stuff I care about there, but I imagine there are lots of other forms of content as well out there). Now, that’s something which makes the world a better place. That’s why I keep an online diary by the way — so I can find things I learnt two years ago again when I need them.