Got up. Went Christmas shopping (I’ve bought all the presents now, it was just a case of making sure). Went home. Mowed the lawn. Started making pelments 1.0 for the lounge room. These are a strip of wood that goes across the top of the window which the curtain rail afixes to. When winter comes along and I care about keeping heat in, then pelmet 2.0 will be made, which will have a box over the top of the curtain, having been joined to pelment 1.0.

Setup my Sparc 10 in the machine room. I finished the cabiling of the house a few days ago, so it was just an case of getting the machines ready for the brave new world. I worked out why I had been having troubles getting RedHat 6.2 to install this time around — it was because last timw I had used 6.1… I rolled back to 6.1 the other day in my install attempts, and it now just works. I did compile up a newer kernel myself though.

I think I will now spend some more time trying to sort out the PandaLex lexer.