Queer eye for the straight guy quiz: which way do you shave?

My wife Catherine is moderately into Queer Eye for the Straight Guy which means that I often end up watching it because my desk is in the same room as the TV. I’m not as big a fan I suspect, although I do like it when they take the piss at the beginning and then throw furniture out of windows. Anyway, one of the things they keep mentioning over and over is that you should shave your face with the grain, not against it. As an avid against the grainer, this is a little confusing, as with the grain results in a shave with stubble still present. I thought the idea of shaving was to remove the stubble.

I do get a lot of ingrown hairs however, which might be because of my terrible shaving technique. I therefore have resolved the shave the wrong way (with the grain) until the conference to see what happens. Do other people have thoughts on the correct shaving technique?

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