That LCA 2006 dude comments on Qantas losing his bag. It’s probably because the baggage handlers misplaced it while stuffing it full of drugs or something. I have to disagree with you though Mike — Qantas has never lost my bags, and I’ve flown a lot. The only airline to have had that honour is Alaskan, who lost my bags somewhere in LA airport for a day.

When you compare Qantas to the American carriers, Qantas rocks. American sells you the headset to listen to the radio on, and if you use your own headset breaks your fingers. United served me dog food with gravy as a meal, but at least had the pilot’s radio on channel nine. Alaskan lost my bags and had planes which consistently broke down. Qantas is average, but the planes work, they have a great safety record, the food is edible, and they don’t hit me with sticks.

In this environment of airlines sucking more and more each day, and even then going out of business, we should be glad for what we have.

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