Picking a new head shot

I have a standard set of biographies I use as I am asked for such things fairly often at work and in my personal life. Similarly I have a couple of standard shots which I use when people ask me for a photo of myself:

Apparently that last one makes me look like some sort of criminal. Anyways, people have been asking for updated head shots recently which wont lead to my arrest. They’ve been asking for a couple of reasons, only one of which is Michael Davies insistent demands for hackergotchis for planet.linux.org.au at which my blog is still welcome despite my best efforts.

So, I dug around in the shots taken my Michael at linux.conf.au (as I very rarely take pictures of myself), and came up with the following options:

I think the problem here is two-fold. I’m funny looking, and I don’t tend to have serious facial expressions during photos. So now I have to decide which one of these to pick, or just to pretend to look like Brad Pitt. So, what are people’s thoughts on this? Which one should I pick? Does someone more artistic than me want to give making a hackergotchi of one of these a go?

Please be gentle, I’m easily hurt.

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